World Peace Run Activities (WPRA)

WPRA will complete community service projects worldwide and celebrate each achievement with a public fitness and amateur sporting event in the benefiting community. WPRA will promote running, walking, or any sport that gets people breathing and exercising as we celebrate each completed project and leave a message describing how we together can help evolve peace and affect future generations’ wellbeing. It will not be easy, it will take decades, Peace is possible!

WPRA has three community improvement projects planned for 2016-17 here on the Big Island of Hawaii and will be celebrated after all three are complete. The first is a maintenance project of the Awini Trail that connects Pololu Valley, Nui Valley and Iki Valley on the northern tip of the Big Island. The 3.5 miles of trail connecting these valleys is excitingly challenging and the maintenance will be joyful. The second, providing we can work everything out with the State and County of Hawaii, improve Kaawaloa Rd. down to Captain Cook’s Monument in the Kealakekau Bay State Historical Park. The third may be the most difficult, but WPRA will pursue it. The goal is to establish an official Hualalai Summit Trail with the very large private land owner who controls the routes. Trespassing is not something people want to think about while they ascend the awesome volcano.

WPRA will enthusiastically recognize the businesses and organizations engaged in the success of each community service project during the celebratory activity that follows. WPRA envisions 100’s of community service projects occurring simultaneously around the world by 2025 and 1000’s by 2050, each celebrated in the benefiting community with a peaceful amateur sport and fitness event.

WPRA plans include networking with public charities, foundations, local clubs, and private sector businesses and individuals who desire an evolution that reveals a more peaceful future for our communities. WPRA community service projects, followed by amateur sporting and fitness activities will benefit every hosting community, all who participate, and all who come to know the public services WPRI will provide.



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World Peace Ohana (WPO)

Ohana means family in Hawaiian and our goal is to raise an altruistic one. WPO will consist of those individuals who donate to or volunteer in some way to support WPRI and choose to adopt the Ohana. WPO will be the heart of the WPRI plan and its success. The Ohana will focus as an altruistic body of siblings who exercise to harmonize as we engage our communities and support WPRI every way we can. Our primary focus is on evolving peace through community service, amateur sport and community inclusiveness. WPRI believes relative world peace will begin to evolve when altruism is recognized as a neutralizer to our polarized present day conditions and conflicts as we work on harmonizing our communities. Those who choose to adopt the Ohana will do so knowing that while each of us is representing or participating in any WPRI function or activity, our primary focus is on community health, fitness education and ultimately world peace. WPOs’ complexion will be neutral, void of gender, race, politic, or religion. Everyone’s identity in the Ohana will reflect an activity, realized or fantasized; example: World Peace Runner! The Ohana name is World Peace and the individual personal identifier will be an aspiring sport or activity; World Peace Triathlete, Cyclist, Swimmer, Tennis-Player, Mountaineer, Ultra-Marathoner, Skydiver, etc.!

When established, WPO will be the source of suggested projects in communities around the world where WPRA can make a meaningful contribution of service that leaves a lasting symbol for peace. It is planned that WPO will use social networking at to help achieve the goals set out here by 2018. The Ohana will become the organizations source to achieve world peace as it grows in population over the decades and supports the altruistic efforts WPRI will undertake with all its working parts around the world.

Social Welfare Network (SWN)

SWN, is a planned public social network that will provide the connectivity for individuals, families, the elderly and disabled, with our priority on the impoverished and/or distressed, a platform to request services and assistance from within their communities. SWN will link those in need with altruistic people who volunteer to provide assistance when they choose to engage WPO will be the heart of SWN, but the public at large will be encouraged to engage here too. Some of the benefiting individuals will naturally reciprocate when they see how they can assist in the process and help others as well. The security of each person using the system will be paramount to insure those in need aren’t taken advantage of. WPRI will persistently seek support from the private sector to help with the development of SWN and the continued support it will need to succeed; launch goal by 2020.

GREATER International Services Trust Fund, GIST Fund (GIST) 

GISTFund is the original and final piece of the WPRI plan. It will contribute as the International Disaster Relief Organization originally envisioned during the Ethiopian Famine back in 1984-85. GISTFund will assist in natural and manmade disasters around the world by 2030 and will be the final WPRI public service created.

Please donate, contributions are tax deductible.