World Peace Run®, Inc. (WPRI) is a Hawai’i registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity. WPRI was conceived in 1984, originally planned to be a disaster relief organization; Greater International Services Trust (GIST). In 2001 during 9/11, GIST became part of a much larger design that evolved into WPRI; incorporated in June 2011, granted tax exempt public charity status in April 2013, launched in May 2016.

WPRI has four planned parts listed on the Public Services page, starting with World Peace Run Activities (WPRA), designed to occupy the neutral space in the polarity inherent in humanity while fulfilling community service projects worldwide. WPRA will celebrate every complete project with a public fitness and amateur sporting event that recognizes our achievements.

The second is World Peace Ohana (WPO), a family of altruistic people who choose to adopt WPO and support WPRA community service projects worldwide. WPO will be the heart of WPRI and will exist through the Ohana social network at, planned to be online by 2018.

Third, WPRI plans to launch (SWN) by 2020, an international social network focused on helping the impoverished, elderly and disabled find assistance in their community from altruistically minded people who want to elevate the human experience for everyone.

Finally, WPRI evolved out of GIST, now called GREATER International Services Trust Fund (GISTFund) and is still planned to be an international disaster relief organization where funds are allocated with the assistance of the WPO after being approved by the WPRI board of directors.

For more information about each of these planned functions, please visit the Public Services page, Mahalo!

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