World Peace Run®, Inc. (WPRI) is a Hawai’i registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity. WPRI was conceived in 1984, originally planned to be a disaster relief organization; Greater International Services Trust (GIST). In 2001 during 9/11, GIST became part of a much larger design that evolved into WPRI; incorporated in June 2011 and granted tax exempt public charity status in April 2013.

WPRI has four planned parts listed on the Public Services page, starting with World Peace Run Activities (WPRA), designed to occupy the neutral space in the polarity inherent in humanity while fulfilling community service projects worldwide. WPRA will celebrate every complete project with a public fitness and amateur sporting event that recognizes our achievements.

The second is World Peace Ohana (WPO), a family of altruistic people who choose to adopt WPO and support WPRA community service projects worldwide. WPO will be the heart of WPRI and will exist through the Ohana (Family) social network at

Third, (SWN), an international social network focused on helping the impoverished, elderly and disabled find assistance in their community from altruistically minded people who want to elevate the human experience for everyone.

Finally, WPRI evolved out of GIST, GREATER International Services Trust Fund, now (GISTFund) is still planned to be the original disaster relief organization where funds are allocated with the assistance of the WPO after being approved by the WPRI board of directors.

For more information about each of these planned functions, please visit the Public Services page, Mahalo!

Our focus is working on strengthening community and celebrating our achievements with an activity event.

Current ongoing projects for Peace include:


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Drumspeak Walk for Peace.

March 2022. (Our first year-looking for annual support to carry this on)

Part of our ‘3-Fold Path of Action’ supported partially with Walmart Donation.

We are focusing on integrative holistic fitness. With a heartful focus on environment, and a mindfulness in supporting community locally, with a balance for humanity we put words to action. Act locally think globally! Beginning and Ending at Kalaemano Interpretive Learning Center we contextualize the event with Hawaiian cultural values, language, foods, and ancient practices. A power point look at global peace walks throughout time will further bring to light the importance of minding to our human impact on Earth.




Work being done in Belabo region of Cameroon, West Africa

A generous donation has been received to further support the water project and other immediate needs within the ongoing work to transform an entire community out of abject poverty. Within this mission, self-sustaining pathways for women and children are prioritized within basic human rights.

To learn more, visit Instagram: @Farm_Mission_Global

Or GoFundMe:


Trail Access, Restoration, Maintenance. Big Island, Hawaii.

A generous and thoughtful donation has been made to help preserve natural rural public use trails.

A 21st Century Campaign for Peace

Farm-Mission Global

Let Love Lead...